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Who killed the whales…🐋 when moon? 🐕 The hunt for Moontopia 2028 🌜

Only whales can fly?

When we don’t understand something, we tend to look for an excuse or a person to blame. In the case of the so-called ‘trustless’ networks of self-appointed investors, the virtual buck is scrupled and passed until it is only a quarter, then a dime, then a nickel and finally a cent. Coins held on a 3rd party exchange or app break the intrinsic value of the network itself, costing each participant an ever increasing sum of fees.

The cycle of repetition here is visible, in 2013 the market cap bubbled and exchanges like Mt.Gox, Cryptsy and McXNow all ballooned. Consigned now to history, their errors were largely due to points of centralised trust within networks and a tough lesson was learned by some. As a new wave of adoption dawned in 2017 another fractal of FUD has unwoven and major exchanges could be enabling the culprits and be sacrificed as the ultimate victims.

With a decentralised exchange, full wallet control is given to the user and your trust remains consistent on the platform. If there is no trust then there is no value. All networks need trust and until trust can return to the Cryptocurrency communities both large and small, it will cause problems. This is why the exchanges will come and go and why they must accrue wealth aggressively through their ‘trusted’ body of serviceable clients, both existing and newcomers.

A decentralised model will eventually replace the centralised version in most cases, because it will enable more trading control at lower fees and give open source electronic currencies a proper field to do business. There will be issues to overcome along the way, but it is foreseeable that exchange protocols like this will replace all existing currency and stock markets in the future.

More haste, less speed is a good adage here. Ideas and projects which are currently working and growing don’t usually involve huge amounts of speculative investment, they do a job and their value is earned. Coins which get used tend to give the users benefits like privacy, speed, security and ‘trustlessness.’ Tokens on the other hand are very different, and offer future potential at the reckoning of the development team’s success and the community’s support.

‘We’ll sell tokens for the moon….’ Your tokens will have some value on the moon one day, promise! How? You will be funding the moon’s speculative development with your potential moon rocket tokens. Sharing is caring and everyone who wants to live on the moon can, one day if you are lucky and don’t sell out at the bottom.

This is the basic premise of most token assets using the smart-chain systems on offer. It means great things for good ideas that are slightly over priced in a bull market, but very bad in bear markets for teams which have over budgeted with a burnt pot of coins and can’t pay the bills.

Before we get too sympathetic, remember how things like Bitco****t ran for ages before the final exit scam and think of how many people got suckered, to make a few rich. In essence, this is happening again with every ICO and token economy, during a market reversal like this. It will break the dreams and hopes of some that were short sighted when adopting the platforms for investment, and will be a test of the substance of the communities and individuals that do remain.

Yes, a very few of the moontopian ideas haven’t disintegrated, but many yet will be extinguished by their own making, or hoovered up by their competitors, leaving the remaining cryptonauts to be admonished for thinking that the moon was a stop on their block train at all.

It will take real value in the ‘train-tracks’ of technology to get to the moon or anywhere close. It has taken the space industry many cycles of development to reach the stage it is at now, and more is still needed. It may take 10 years or more for the prices and systems to settle and find an equilibrium, so that it becomes easy to utilise for an average person making an average transaction. Will the BTC godfather of Crypto and Blockchain retain its pivotal spot in the make-up of infrastructure at play? Time will tell us…


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