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We Did The Venezuelan Government A Big Favor And Launched The Petro, Since They Cannot Figure Out How To Create A Crypto. Airdrop Instructions Here

The Petro debacle in Venezuela is truly a spectacle. The Petro is supposed to be the national cryptocurrency of Venezuela, and it was supposed to save the Venezuelan economy, since the native Bolivar is experiencing hyperinflation at the rate of 200,000% per year according to the Cafe Con Leche Index. Unfortunately, all evidence indicates the Petro is not a cryptocurrency, even though the Venezuelan government keeps saying it is. Buyers of the Petro are receiving paper certificates instead of cryptocurrency, the Petro block explorer is non-functioning, the wallet is not available for download, President Maduro apparently has the control to set the Petro’s price and ban people from trading it for other currencies if they buy after 2018, and most importantly, hyperinflation continues unabated in Venezuela.

All of this evidence suggests the Petro is a non-fungible paper certificate that can be printed as easily as any fiat, and therefore does not solve any of Venezuela’s problems. It is absolutely baffling that Venezuela has not launched an actual cryptocurrency.

GenesisBlockNews feels bad for the Venezuelan people, since their entire government cannot figure out how to create a cryptocurrency, and we are lending a helping hand. After burning through $100 million, 42 packs of Monster energy drinks, 300 bags of Doritos, and over 9,000 breakfast burritos with picante sauce, we have created the Petro (PTR) cryptocurrency, for real. Now the Petro (PTR) actually exists, and can be used by all Venezuelans in a secure and decentralized way thanks to the prowess of the highly skilled developers at GenesisBlockNews.

Yes, this is really happening, see the Petro block explorer here All Venezuelans can breathe a sigh of relief, for now the Petro (PTR) is a functioning cryptocurrency. You can send and receive it out of any Ethereum wallet which is enabled for ERC-20. There are a total of 1 million Petro, and no more will ever be minted, stifling the Venezuelan government’s plans to print Petro at will.

I am aidropping this cryptocurrency to the world, free of charge, unlike the Venezuelan government which is ICO scamming their entire country. Go to this Twitter link and post your Twitter address.

I will give more Petro for replies that have extra picante sauce. In order to see the Petro appear in your wallet after I send it, you may need to add a custom token and enter in the contract address 0x781d9c093934980ab86b6d6a54292147f449a84b


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