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Watch People Lose More Money Than You Will Ever Earn In Your Life On The BitMEX Rekt Twitter Feed

If you feel bad about your own life, head over to the @BitmexRekt Twitter and watch people lose their paints, shirt, house, and life savings all day everyday.

BitMEX is the largest cryptocurrency derivatives exchange in the world, with volume on slow days being USD 1-2 billion, and USD 4-8 billion on volatile days like today. BitMEX users are not trying to invest in Bitcoin, rather they play the market like it’s a casino and bet on whether the price will go up or down, and they are allowed to leverage their bets up to 100X. This could lead to great wins or complete losses. When someone completely blows their bet BitMEX liquidates their entire account, and this happens like every minute.

Someone not affiliated with BitMEX created the @BitmexRekt Twitter, where REKT is a gamer way of saying wrecked, owned, fail, etc. Every time an account gets liquidated the bot tweets. Whoever created this bot adopted an amusing Counter Strike esque style of wording things. Counter Strike is a game where people shoot each other, and the computer often says things like FATALITY, ULTRA KILL, GOD-LIKE.

The words specifically used on @BitmexRekt include UNSTOPPABLE, WICKED SICK, Double kill, RAMPAGE, M-M-M-M Monster Kill, Ultra Kill, GODLIKE, BEYOND GODLIKE, literally all the things Counter Strike says when gamers go on a killing spree.

The graphics used on this Twitter page are very amusing too, with Mountain Dew, Doritos, bros, and Marijuana plastered all over the place, truly the things that power BitMEX traders into their inevitable oblivion.


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