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United States Sanctions An Iranian Bitcoin Address, 1JEWS and 1MOSSAD Sends Bitcoin To It A Day Later

In an action that will induce facepalms and sarcasm across the Bitcoin community, the United States Treasury Department Office of Foreign Assets Control issued sanctions against 2 Bitcoin addresses, since they are held by Iranians who helped facilitate the SamSam Ransomware scheme. A day after the sanction was issued, 8 cents of Bitcoin was sent into one of the Iranian addresses from 2 Bitcoin addresses that start with 1JEW and 1MoSSaD.

For those that do not know, Mossad is the intelligence branch of Israel. Mossad is known for assassinating terrorists worldwide, and is one of the most-skilled spy agencies in the world, comparable with MI6. Mossad is undoubtedly fighting a shadow war in Iran right now, making this transaction quite hilarious.

Apparently the United States government did not get the memo that it is impossible to sanction Bitcoin addresses. Due to Bitcoin’s decentralization and cryptographic security, a Bitcoin address can never be frozen or deleted. At the other banned Bitcoin address, some brave Bitcoiners have been sending small amounts of Bitcoin throughout the morning to prove this point.

Further, it just takes the click of a button to generate a new Bitcoin address, so taking the time to issue a sanction against a Bitcoin address is a total waste of time for the government, and meaningless.


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