Bitcoin cryptocurrency TDSOAGC

They Did Surgery On A Grape Coin (TDSOAGC) Launch, Get Your Free TDSOAGC Here!

They did surgery on a grape. They did surgery… on a grape? They DID surgery on a grape! They did surgery, on a grape?!

To commemorate this momentous and historical event, GenesisBlockNews has created and launched TheyDidSurgeryOnAGrapeCoin (TDSOAGC). Simply reply to this tweet with your Ethereum address, and I’ll send you some.

There is no set amount I will send, I will do it at a whim. The total coin supply is 10 million TDSOAGC, and it is an ERC-20 token secured by the Ethereum network. I only got $20 of Ethereum, so the airdrop ends when I run out of Ethereum.

Considering that there are 2,100 cryptocurrencies listed on CoinMarketCap, and many of those are shitcoins which have somehow gained actual value, there is no reason TheyDidSurgeryWithAGrapeCoin won’t gain some value, since this meme had me rolling on the floor laughing, aka ROFLcoptering, all night, and I rarely laugh at memes. It will be distributed for free for the lolz. Do what you will with it. If it becomes the primary global currency, I apologize ahead of time.

Watch them doing surgery on a grape below. This is what happens when they do surgery on a grape.

Latest photos indicate the grape has fully recovered from surgery, after a long period of unresponsiveness, as grapes are wont to do.


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