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The USD Will Inevitably Collapse, And Bitcoin Will Take The Throne

The United States Dollar (USD), which is the underpinning of the global financial system, is entering the final phase before total collapse. There is no limit to the USD supply, and it is printed at will all the time to balance the bloated United States budget. Every time a dollar is printed, every other dollar in the world loses value. This means that everyone in the world is being robbed by the United States government. The same people who are doing this lock people up in prison for stealing bread to eat, but the highly coordinated theft of billions or trillions of USD from everyone in the world is apparently kosher. Fortunately, this flawed monetary system is nearing collapse. This is a fact the mainstream media refuses to report, choosing instead to blast political propaganda about nebulous issues 24/7 to incite and distract everyone. The truth is the USD will cease to exist, and Bitcoin will become the only working currency.

The United States government is doing everything they can to make the collapse of the USD as catastrophic as possible. Bitcoin would be a fine successor to the USD, and the transition could be smooth, but instead the United States is attacking Bitcoin with non-stop propaganda, severe market manipulation, and regulations. The worst thing that has been done against Bitcoin is the launch of Bitcoin Futures on CME. This Bitcoin Futures market is single handedly crashing the entire Bitcoin market, from USD 20,000 in December 2017 to nearly USD 3,000 today. This is causing an exodus of people from Bitcoin, and has reversed Bitcoin adoption trends. The end result is many people will not be using Bitcoin when the USD finally collapses, and they will lose all of their life savings, instead of having some Bitcoin and surviving comfortably.

Why is the United States trying to destroy Bitcoin and prevent adoption, when the collapse of the USD is obviously inevitable, and Bitcoin is the only good replacement? It is all about power. The United States depends on printing the USD to maintain their power, especially when it comes to funding the ridiculously oversized military. When the USD implodes, along with all the other fiat currencies, and Bitcoin becomes the only global currency, the United States and every other country will lose most of their power. The truth will be revealed: the governments of the world have been getting their power by stealing from all their citizens via money printing. Bitcoin cannot be manipulated to balance a budget, so Bitcoin becoming the primary global currency is the government’s worst fear.

The reason the collapse of the USD is inevitable is because the United States government debt is approaching USD 22 trillion. The government is taking loans non-stop from its citizens and other countries, and the yearly budget deficit has finally reached USD 1 trillion and is rapidly rising year over year. That is just the projected budget deficit, any sort of economic disaster or war will cause the deficit to be much higher in 2019. USD 364 billion of the budget deficit is simply interest payments on the debt.

Decreasing the budget deficit is not an option, because that would cause the economy to crash leading to unrest and a potential overthrow of the government. This guarantees that the budget deficit will increase year over year, and the debt will balloon. As the debt reaches critical levels, basically when demand for buying United States debt dries up because there’s no more money to left in the world to invest into it, the interest rates for new debt will rapidly rise. Ultimately, the United States will be forced to print tremendous amounts of cash to keep up with interest payments, and eventually will just print cash straight up and give up on issuing more debt. This will be the point at which the USD enters hyperinflation. The world is literally one economic crisis away from this becoming a reality.

Bitcoin is so cryptographically secure and decentralized that the United States government cannot get rid of it, no matter how much they want to. They can ruin the price with market manipulation and arrest as many people as they can, but Bitcoin will exist and be ready for global adoption when all the fiat currencies simultaneously collapse in the not so distant future. At that point Bitcoin will rise to millions, billions, and trillions of dollars, since the value of the USD will approach zero.



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