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The Observer Foundation Proves That Blockchain Technology Really Is Changing The World


Occasionally Blockchain Technology Lives Up To Its Reputation

Here is how Observer convinced me. 

While visiting South Korea for Blockchain Week in Seoul recently I had the chance to meet some of the worlds most impactful people. A rather beautiful culture, overall, the people in South Korea are respectful of each other, affectionate towards their older generations, and they hold strongly to some customs that took me by surprise. I will explore these details in a separate series.

South Korea is an advanced collective of technological marvels. Walking down the road you will see an entire city block that is a covered in enormous sculptures and metallic walkways. Things like a giant TV screen – spanning the entire side of a skyscraper are normal there. You will find underground, beautifully designed tunnels filled with busy shops, trains, and thousands of people going in every direction.

I had an opportunity to meet with a small group that would change my life forever, in Seoul.

South Korea SkyscraperIn this group, we visited South Korea’s tallest building, we shared a meal on a boat on a river and took photos doing silly poses along the river banks. These were people who didn’t want to talk about business yet. They insisted that I enjoy my time – eating and drinking and experiencing their city before business was ever conducted. As a fast paced American, this was a new kind of welcome party.

After the fun, I learned that a few of these nice people were from The Observer Foundation. Immediately, I only learned that they had recently finished their ICO, and that their project involved the Weather prediction, and cryptocurrency.

Before I had a chance to learn much about the OBSR concept, there was an interruption. Almost as if timed by the Observer Foundation themselves, it began to rain lightly. We all ran to the cars we came in – the one I was in was a very cool, convertible sports car – so it was just in time for us to hop in, flip the fancy hood up and over our heads and off we went towards home for the night.

Shaking a few droplets of rain out of my crazy rained-on hair I laughed.

                “The Observer app would have come in handy tonight – I think.” I chuckled because their app was still being built.

What Is It Exactly? 

Observer collects Weather Data from individuals – from their mobile devices – from an exponentially bigger amount of area to be potentially monitored- more than with traditional equipment, used now.  The information that people provide voluntarily is validated, then compensated in the OBSR Coin – which is a cryptocurrency that recently launched its Mainnet, as a PIVX fork.

To explain how incredibly life changing this is, imagine the catastrophic weather circumstances that are especially concentrated in the Asian coastal regions.  Imagine the moments that mean the difference between living or dying when the earth opens up and with its Tsunami tongue tries to swallow an entire city, and the people in it.

Observer will add up-to-the-moment, on-the-ground, live data that will put the safety of the people ahead of the curve in comparison to current warning systems. Not only that, but we will have better imagery, more complete data and the participants will get paid to share all this info directly from their personal devices, cars or lightweight stations.

There have been dozens of times since I decided to help in sharing the OBSR message that I felt absolutely proud and amazed at the meaning behind this project.

Many people have doubted they could tackle such a huge goal and a competitive industry such as the Weather- but low and behold the Korean Meteorological Association ( KMA ) has issued a certificate to OBSR that officially gives them the ability to share and collect weather data via satellites, radio, and a network that already exists in addition to their growing  user base. This was the first time in the history of the KMA that a blockchain based project has received the official certification by the Korean government.

They Can and they will create the best data pool – ever- for crowd -sourced weather.

  • Better, more accurate weather data based on an actual grid of human experience
  • Life saving potential in Storms, Hurricanes and Disaster Situations
  • People get to collect OBSR – a coin already trading on several exchanges with longevity built into the coins.

I do not endorse products without believing in them first. This is one of those rare projects that proves that blockchain technology really can change the world.

Occasionally, blockchain really does live up to its reputation.


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This is not advise. This is opinion of the writer, Lori Brown and not of the site or site owner. As the writer of this story, you should know that I will HODL OBSR coins. Check with your finance professionals and your attorneys before allocating any funds to any crypto project. 
💟Special thanks to those who were on the boat, that night. That was a life changing meeting, I won’t soon forget. Cheers, my friends.💟

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