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The Lower The Price Of Cryptocurrency Gets, The Better. This Will Lead Us To Salvation

Everything happens for a reason, and everything that happens comes directly from God. There is not one thing that God does which is not ultimately for good, and it is up to people to look deeper into a situation and discover why even seemingly catastrophic situations are bringing about good in the world.

The collapse of the cryptocurrency market cap is considered a bad thing by almost everyone. Bitcoin has dropped from USD 20,000 to less than USD 4,000. The total cryptocurrency market cap has crashed from USD 820 billion to USD 120 billion, in less than a year. Blockchain companies are going out of business, investors are getting rekt, people in the crypto industry are losing their jobs, most crypto firms are getting sued, and much more.

However, I believe every billion dollars shed from the crypto market cap is a victory. A ton of non-Bitcoiners had painted themselves as Bitcoiners, and were ruining the space. Bitcoin is meant to be decentralized peer to peer electronic money, and a hoard of people trying to get rich quickly tried to turn Bitcoin and cryptocurrency into an investment. Along the way, numerous people got robbed by scammers masquerading as businessmen, so many sins have been committed in the past year in the crypto space it is impossible to put a number on.

The continued collapse of cryptocurrency prices is purging wicked and greedy people from the crypto space. Investors that were trying to get rich quickly, and alter the entire crypto space to suit their needs, are seeing their investments burned in nuclear hellfire and fleeing with their tail between their legs. Scammers masquerading as businessmen can no longer trick people that their crypto schemes are a good investment, because practically no one wants to invest in crypto startups anymore.

It will only get better and better as the price of crypto drops closer and closer to zero. The closer we get to zero, the more pure the crypto space will become. We will be left with the true diehard Bitcoiners who love Bitcoin for what it really is: decentralized peer to peer electronic money. Then we can regroup and fulfill Bitcoin’s true mission: to become the primary global currency. The crypto space has for the most part ignored Bitcoin adoption, which is the most important thing, and wasted their efforts on making the crypto space a get rich quick scheme for investors.

God loves Bitcoin, in-fact, God created Bitcoin. God does not want to see Bitcoin misused to commit such widespread sins. And no I am not referring to using Bitcoin to buy drugs, since God created drugs too, and using drugs is not a sin. I’m referring to using Bitcoin and cryptocurrency to scam people with get rich quick schemes.

God is saving Bitcoin, and all the true Bitcoiners, and will lead us into the Bitcoin Messianic era where Bitcoin is the primary global currency. The crypto space should applaud each price crash, since it means we are one step closer to salvation.


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