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The Future Called – It Wants To Buy Your Bitcoin

The Future Called- It Wants To Buy Your Bitcoin

Future BitcoinWhy would the future call anyone from our generation to try and score some bitcoin? To profit in an extreme way- that’s why.

Every single one of my closest friends will most certainly be kicking themselves for not “hodling” on to the measly satoshis that settle hopelessly at the bottom in the sea of our wallets.  You know, the .0000032 BTC  in your first ever online faucet account? Yes I am talking about those satoshis.  Or maybe it is the .00000198 BTC sitting and staring up at you from last year’s blockchain wallet, day after day, week after spendless week.

There will be a day when a satoshi could be worth a dollar. Imagine how many millions of those just settle into their eternal resting places, abandoned by the angry gamblers and tired faucet collectors of the crypto space.  We will all someday be the early users who had no idea what they were leaving behind. 

Ok, so in reality – a satoshi may never equal  $1.00 but if it did – and it COULD- that would make one bitcoin worth one hundred million bucks.  That is more digits than my bank account has ever seen. That is more than everyone I know combined even has.  100,000,000 satoshis in a bitcoin. 

Just a thought – someone with brilliant brains would create a disclaimer in their faucets or crypto gambling terms of use that says something like:

   “Users who do not cash out their balance after (insert amount) of days will forfeit the balance to the site owner.”

That gets tricky though since this means all the individual accounts would not own the private keys – and this would be undoubtedly, a shit-ton of excessive data to store for the site owner- all for a “few cents worth” of leftovers.  The crazy thing about the leftovers is that all of them combined will be worth millions at some point.

If only I could invent “The Satoshi Sweeper” – a digital groundskeeper that would simply vacuum up the dust and leftover debris (aka satoshis) left behind as people flee from their unfinished crypto business. It is not currently possible to back track into the wallets of bitcoin past- thanks to the handy nature of cryptocurrency. Once a user walks away or loses access- the remaining balance is forever lost. Toast.  Since no banks or governing entity controls the coins – there will be no way to “regain access” in most cases.  I guess in order for my day dream to become reality it would place the “Satoshi Sweeper” into the centralized category. We can’t have that.

Scratch that one off the to-do list. If you make millions from this idea, just cut me in, it is all I ask. desk girl


Lori Brown


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