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The Big Hungry Bear Market Special – A Crypto Christmas Carol

Bears enjoy winter, I always think… It means they can hibernate and snooze while it’s dark and cold. For bears I am sure it is very different, a matter of survival and instinct. I am told that bears are always hungry.. for marmalade sandwiches and jar’s of honey collected from the hive mind. Within their deep winter slumber, an agreement is found for refining the potential focus of any argument – into one jar, or between two slices of bread…for when the bear awakens, nothing else can be the answer.

Most mammals have a bear-like urge in the winter months, to bunker down with a thick duvet and store of treats, to scour the surrounding nature for nourishment before their final slumber.  From an ontological study of life, all experience is valid and all emotional content is just a perspective. We often experience our lives from a fixed perspective and as such repeat the same feelings, perhaps it is a lesson we are teaching ourselves. When we realise our mistake, we try to correct our perspective, but sometimes we lack the overarching vision which helps us to carry our dreams and ideals through challenges and over time.

Such is the secret of Satoshi, the encrypted knowledge in the apple of our eye is a gift from the ether, treat it kindly and with reverence as true knowledge is hard to come by. If the truth is given soil and support of the elements to grow, it sprouts and is nourished into being. Tending to and maintaining the environment for the truth to flourish takes fortitude and sustenance.  Let’s think about how we can grow a strong and vibrant cryptocurrency or blockchain project in this context and why it matters that we learn about new ways to view this technology and the mediums of exchange which are possible.

This Crypto Christmas Carol has only two verses and is full of spaces to be improved.  Can you write another version with your favourite words and phrases, perhaps it will become a classic!

Questions for thinking…

  • What is the mind of (insert tulip/bitcoin here)?
  • Who owns the network?
  • Why doesn’t it fit the dream?
  • Why do we need to reboot (insert tulip/bitcoin here)?
  • What are we REALLY transacting?
  • How can our minds/nodes connect?
  • How do we create community?
  • Where is the multidimensionality?
  • Where is virtual reality leading us?
  • How is it ACTUALLY unfolding?

Ideas for dreaming…

  • Visualise the fractal geometry of reality
  • Venerate your highest ideal of mind and being
  • Live in pure essence of truth and power
  • Love on earth and inside every flower
  • Volunteer your HONEST  conceptual trajectory
  • Feel the fear and try to do it differently
  • Fresh and HOPEFUL ideas in our minds
  • Cycling hashes past the screen like the turning of wheels
  • Encrypting signatures with bio metrics creates a blockchain nation
  • Free the PEOPLE of the internet and move feet to the street
  • Bring the planet to witness what is created before us
  • Blockchain AI IoT Openstackosaurus!

Every dawn brings a new day as every midwinter heralds the returning of spring and a turning point for the systems at play which embrace us.  We are still learning how to cultivate, habituate and integrate these new forms of interacting, it will take time to build new pathways and make meaningful connections. Sending and receiving information of all kinds will challenge each of our protocols and infrastructure. There will be times when it doesn’t make sense and it won’t work, but we will find a way, we always do…

And when our minds coalesce into a vision of another possibility, it is courageousness that empowers us with the virtues of truth and honour to assist the flow of humanity. By struggling at first to bear witness and understand the depth of our creation, only through persistence during times of tribulation, then we are truly able to taste the fruit and free our mind’s of labour and our souls of torture. Let us share these times of bear winters to remember that there is good cheer and great faith in all things, even one Satoshi…


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