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Shitcoin Wormhole (SHITHOLE) Token Will Sanitize The Crypto Space

The crypto space is absolutely plagued by shitcoins, with about 2,100 cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap, most of which are copycats, scams, or failing in general. The contagion of shitcoins must be eradicated, so that the crypto space smells better. This is why the Shitcoin Wormhole (SHITHOLE) token has been created. For every shitcoin you throw into the Shitcoin Wormhole, you will receive 1 SHITHOLE.

Due to the immense supply of shitcoins, the total supply of SHITHOLE is set at 1 googolplex (10^(10^100)). Hopefully this is enough. A hard fork will occur if the maximum supply of SHITHOLE is reached. The developers of Shitcoin Wormhole will not stop until all the Shitcoins are wiped out. The developer of Shitcoin Wormhole, who goes by the pseudonym Shitoshi, says “The gravity of the Shitcoin Wormhole is too powerful for any shitcoin to escape”.

There will be incentives for trashing especially shitty shitcoins. For each Ripple (XRP) or EOS that is cast into the Shitcoin Wormhole, 2 SHITHOLE will be rewarded. Throwing Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin SV into the wormhole will get you 42 SHITHOLE.

The Shitcoin Wormhole functions in a simple way. A random address is generated for each shitcoin, but no private key, to ensure the shitcoins are properly burned. The only cryptocurrencies that will not have a Shitcoin Wormhole address are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Burstcoin, Monero, Dash, and IOTA. Shitoshi deems all other cryptocurrencies to be shitcoins.

Help save the crypto space, take a leap into the Shitcoin Wormhole today.


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