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Karma Is Real: Hacker Who Stole USD 1 Million Of Bitcoin Waterboarded, Punched, Coated With Hot Wax, And Arrested

Nicholas Truglia thought he could get rich quickly by utilizing sim swapping to steal Bitcoin out of people’s phones. Sim swapping is where a hacker calls up a mobile phone company and convinces customer support to transfer the sim card over to them, giving the hacker free reign to steal everything in the phone. Ultimately Truglia obtained USD 1.2 million of Bitcoin after sim swapping numerous victims.

Unfortunately for Truglia, stealing is a violation of the 10 commandments, and God sent this guy straight into Hell. Truglia was out drinking with ‘friends’, presumably other degenerate criminals, and after he was sufficiently drunk they went back to his place. They proceeded to waterboard him, punch him in the stomach, and douse him with hot wax until he gave up the private key for all the Bitcoin he stole.

Truglia called the police, and the people who tortured him were charged with burglary, but were released without bail and the court date is not until 4 months from now, since they were sent by God to destroy this hacker, and therefore they get a free pass.

Quite hilariously, Truglia said to the news regarding the incident “It’s pretty common for people to target people who have a lot of cryptocurrency”.

Ultimately, the one who got arrested was Truglia. Now he sits in a New York jail, and will be extradited to a San Francisco jail, the jurisdiction where he scammed someone of USD 1 million of Bitcoin. He faces 21 felony accounts for 6 different victims. Hopefully he likes Mackerel.

Let this be a lesson for everyone: stealing Bitcoins opens the portal to Hell. Liberate Tutemet Ex Inferis.


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