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John McAfee’s Bet That Bitcoin Will Hit USD 1 Million By 2020, Or He Will Eat His D***, Is Not Going Well

John McAfee has re-invented himself into a voice for the crypto space, after being a warlord in the jungles of Belize for several years, and creating a program called McAfee Antivirus which has infected every computer in the world.

The combination of the 2017 Bitcoin rally, bathsalts, and possibly strippers (see below video), got him overly excited though, and he made a bet which he probably should not have made.

John McAfee originally said if Bitcoin did not hit USD 500,000 by the end of 2020, he would eat his d***. Towards the peak of the rally in late November 2017, he got even more exuberant, and doubled down for unclear reasons. It’s not like anyone was wagering against him, besides the Bitcoin market itself.

As of this writing on 19 November 2018 Bitcoin has crashed below USD 5,000, giving only 2 years for Bitcoin to rise to USD 1 million, or John McAfee will have to eat his d*** on national television.

GenesisBlockNews knows Bitcoin will not hit USD 1 million by the end of 2020, and believes John McAfee’s d*** should be cut off and put into an escrow account to avoid him reneging on this bet.


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