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It’s Only A Matter Of Time Before This Giant Bitcoin Rat Gets Shot With A BB Gun

Artist Nelson Saiers, nicknamed the Warhol of Wall Street, has created a giant rat covered with Bitcoin graffiti, and has flaunted it in front of the Federal Reserve building in New York City. Now it will be on display near Capitol Hill wearing an Alan Greenspan mask, the former Federal Reserve Chairman. Warren Buffett once declared that Bitcoin is rat poison squared, and perhaps this is why the artist chose the rat theme.

The mission of this giant rat is noble, it is trying to throw Bitcoin into the face of the powerful people that control the fiat currency system, and GenesisBlockNews commends this. The Federal Reserve is in charge of the USD, the dominant fiat currency in the world, and is printing tremendous amounts of cash annually, and issuing large amounts of bonds. Overall the United States is generating USD 1 trillion of new debt per year, and the total debt now exceeds USD 21 trillion.

Essentially, the United States is leveraging the USD to balance the tremendous deficit in the United States budget, and the printing of money and issuance of bonds is leading the world into a hyperinflation crisis. Bitcoin solves that problem since it is decentralized, no one controls Bitcoin and Bitcoin cannot be printed, and therefore Bitcoin cannot be manipulated to balance the budget of any country or entity. Perhaps this giant Bitcoin rat is trying to send the message that the world can save itself by using Bitcoin, instead of using fiat currency which is leading to an inevitable financial catastrophe.

As noble as this rat’s mission is, it is inflatable. They say people in glass houses should not throw rocks. GenesisBlockNews believes this rat will be shot with a BB gun, a slingshot, or someone running with a pair of scissors, since the rat is so controversial. Perhaps once this rat is martyred it will be a major news story.


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