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Exclusive Interview With Nye the Crypto Guy

Listen to the exclusive interview with Nye the Crypto Guy on the 16 November 2018 Daily Podcast below.

Genesis Block News did an exclusive interview with Nye the crypto guy. His name is a parody of “Bill Nye the science guy”. Many would consider Nye a crypto influencer, but he says his title is ‘a dude who posts his opinion on the internet’. His Twitter account @CryptoShillNye has 37,700 followers and he runs the website Nye is also a crypto marketing specialist, he says “I also run a marketing company that helps other crypto startups and companies really engage with their audience, and I teach them how to create a community and use social media… All the tools that are blatantly ignored right now. I also travel the world and speak at different conferences.”

From hobby to profession

Nye started off just for fun and says he was messing around and having a good time. Apparently, people really liked Nye’s crypto opinions, so posting on social media about crypto has become his career. Nye purchased his first Bitcoins and Litecoins during 2012-2013┬ábefore Bitcoin ever hit USD 1,000. However, it was not until the middle of 2017 that Nye got serious about crypto, at which point he spent 10-15 hours per day trading, learning, and investing. Nye says he was quite successful at trading in 2017 and early 2018, before the market crashed, and then “saw an opportunity to do something different”.

Nye now has an audience of tens of thousands of crypto- and blockchain-oriented followers, and is trying to distinguish between companies that are legit and those that are “smoke and mirrors”, and he reports his findings back to his followers. Nye’s favorite thing is to promote people who are doing positive things for the crypto and blockchain space, especially newcomers who aren’t acknowledged by other crypto influencers. He says, “I want the crypto space to be filled with as many good people as possible.”

Asian connection

Specifically, Nye is now focusing on Asia by going to Asian conferences and meeting companies in person. He says there is “a huge cultural and language barrier” between what the news reports is going on in Asia and what is actually happening. He talks about China’s bullish sentiment on blockchain despite its general unfavorable stance towards cryptocurrency.

He singles out VeChain as a good project, as well as TEMCO and Agora, with blockchain’s greatest potential found in the supply chain, gaming, and voting fields. On the other hand, he feels the ICO market is causing investor’s money to be spread thinly, which is hurting the entire crypto space. He says most ICOs need to die, to remove the contagion from the space.

On Bitcoin

Nye has “a strong belief” that Bitcoin is will go up after another 3-6 months of sideways action. He speculates that block halving in 2020 will help increase price.

According to Nye, the biggest use case for Bitcoin right now is trading, and price increases are positive since it brings more money into the crypto space to build “cool shit”. Nye thinks eventually adoption will increase as technology improves, and mentions that the Lightning Network will be part of that since it can help Bitcoin scale to large transaction frequencies.

When asked about the US dollar, Nye says, “It’s definitely a potential [for crashing]… I have considered it a lot… I have no idea what is going to happen… If it does happen we are going to need as much innovation as possible to make Bitcoin transactions as easy as possible for average people.”

Nye thinks that widespread adoption will have to be in place at the time of a potential USD collapse in order for Bitcoin to succeed.


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