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Credit Card Fraud, ID Theft, Money Laundering, Bank And Jewelry Stores Roberies, Data Breaches, Vs Cryptocurrencies.

The battle has begun and one of the hot topics today is safety on the World Wide Web. Who can we trust? as the “Bad Guys” “to some” are always ahead of the law and always on the run. That’s why they call it chasing. Always having the upper hand and keeping cyber security officers on their toes. Frauds and breaches surpasses billions of dollars world wide. So you can do the math and make your own decisions.

Bitcoin and smaller coins are a safer way to keep your stash safe, to shop around the Web, and to use on your daily necessities, if gas stations would accept cryptocurrency. That would stop millions of dollars worth of scams at the pumps and markets. With compromised credit cards and data breaches often in the news in the past couple of years, fraud is on top of mind with many people. Though EMVchip cards have made some payments safer, experts predict fraud – specifically card-not-present fraud – will remain a growing problem for years to come.

For 2017 and 2018, identity theft statistics have taken center stage among the many stats and facts encompassing the entire realm of cybercrime. While ransomware gains more attention, identity theft remains much easier to pull off and monetize. One more point in the scoring board making cryptocurrency a better choice.

It is ridiculous the amount of bad news, bad fame, and shit many ignorant people post on their sites, print on their news papers, and spend hours on tv and radio criticizing cryptocurrencies, including  Bitcoin. It’s like they have a mission. A mission that tries to destroy the solution to world currency stress and bring a clear view for the people of the money that comes in and the money that comes out. Perhaps the solution to world hunger.

There is no comparison between crypto crimes  and the amount of money that was stolen since the existence of gold, silver, and FIAT money since the beginning of time. There must Be a more Sinister plan behind all this negativity, lies, and bullshit. Because crypto Is a better currency. Behind these monsters must be money and greed, there is no way big news sites such as the New York post, CNN, CNN en Español have not ever accepted  a single cent to keep their mouth shut, on any story, please…..

Bitcoin is a better currency. Fight the good crypto fight for better do the right thing. And let’s be honest Fiat money credit cards and banks are the real Shitcoins here.


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